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everAvtive Ni-MH new blister design

New Ni-MH everActive rechargeable batteries in new, refreshed packaging are now available for sale.

We also introduce a complete novelty - the Infinity Line, with exceptional service life, dedicated to devices requiring frequent recharging, such as solar lamps or DECT cordless phones. The new Infinity Line rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 3,000 times, which can result in a service life of more than 10 years!

everActive latarkiWe present new, USB PD mains chargers equipped with advanced GaN technology, as well as state-of-the-art CC-10 and CC-20Q car chargers. In addition to the chargers, we also present a range of new USB cables. 

everActive CC-10 and CC-20Q are modern car chargers characterized by high build quality and performance. Both support QC3.0 fast charging, and thanks to their small size and modern design, they are sure to suit the most demanding users.

The new SC-390Q, SC-390QB, SC-650Q mains chargers are our most advanced products, using GaN technology.MORE

everActive latarkiWalk in the forest? A trip to the mountains? Or maybe a power failure?

In all these situations, a sturdy flashlights are essential!

Don't know what to choose? Don't want to overpay?

Don't leave it to chance and bet on everActive!

New flashlights at affordable prices available this year!

everActive battery tested by accredited labortory

everActive batteries and rechargeables are subject to cyclic laboratory tests. There was another test carried out by a certified research unit - Intertek Semko AB.

Intertek Semko AB, located in Sweden, is an elite laboratory capable of testing batteries and other equipment.

It is one of the few certified bodies in Europe, officially authorized to test Ni-MH batteries according with the newest IEC 61951-2: 2017 standard.

Intertek Semko AB is the official National Certification Body in Sweden.


everActive Li-Ion

We are not slowing down!

The 2021 is slowly coming to end...

During this year we have introduced some new products - chargers, mobile accessories but we would like to draw special attention to brand new lithium-ion batteries.


We are happy to announce that due to the growing popularity of the brand and the multitude of the offer, we have decided to set up a YouTube channel.

everActive YouTube

We are happy to announce that due to the growing popularity and product offer of the everActive brand, we have decided to set up a YouTube channel.

All the videos published on the channel will show the everActive brand products - their operation, capabiities, function and purpose.


We are happy to announce that due to the growing popularity of the brand and the multitude of the offer, we have decided to set up a YouTube channel.
everActive batteries limite edition

We present a new, limited edition of our alkaline batteries and Ni-MH rechargeables.

In line with everActive brand long-term strategy, the quality of the products is on high level but at the same time their availability and price is remarkably low. 

Limited edition of our batteries is a good proof that the highest quality of power sources can be very affordable for everyone!

New datasheets of everActive Pro Alkaline batteries

everActive Pro Alkaline are the most powerfull alkalines of our brand. In last years they were evaluated many times by independent bloggers, testers, independent reviewers as well as by an accredited testing laboratory.

everActive Pro Alkaline battery series is a proof that a Polish brand can easily compete with the most powerful batteries on the market.

    New product additions - specialty batteries

    We introduce new everActive rechargable batteries - replacements for popular JBL portable speakers.

    The products are characterized by high-quality components and they are perfect representation of the original batteries.

    Currently, the offer icludes three types of dedicated batteries:

    • everActive EVB100 rechargable battery for Bluetooth JBL Xtreme with 5000 mAh capacity
    • everActive EVB101 rechargable battery for Bluetooth JBL Charge 3 with 6000 mAh capacity
    • everActive EVB102 rechargable battery for Bluetooth JBL Flip 4 with 3000 mAh capacity


    Between September - October 2020 we conducted a survey to find out what customers think about everActive ULTRASONIC hearing aid batteries.

    36% of users agreed that everActive ULTRASONIC batteries perform better than other batteries. And the remaining 60% did not know the difference.
    58% say their value for money is better than other batteries.
    And finally, 70% of users will buy this product in future.MORE
    everActive Pro Alkaline tested

    In December 2019, our everActive Pro Alkaline batteries were tested against performance by an accredited testing laboratory in Poland.

    The Central Battery and Cell Laboratory in Poznan (CLAiO) is a specialized scientific unit with many years of experience in the field of chemical power sources.

    Testing performed by the accredited laboratory associated in ILAC-MRA is respected worldwide. 

    A total number of 16 AA LR6 cells and 16 AAA LR03 cells was tested. Our batteries have easily met the conditions of the official standard PN-EN 60086-2:2016, achieving operating times much longer (even 2 times) than those required for alkaline batteries.

    New product addition - SC-400 charger

    New year brings the first novelty in the everActive product family.

    The everActive SC-400 USB charger is a new model dedicated to all mobile technology lovers.

    The power supply is equipped with four 5V DC USB sockets and offers up to 5A current output .Nominal power of this small charger is up to 25W.

    Similarly to previous models SC-100, SC-200, SC-300 the charger is highly reliable, efficient, low emission and safe.


    New product additions - specialty batteries

    Following the demands of our customers, we are introducing new models of specialty batteries to our offer.

    Alkaline and lithium coin cells in new sizes and packaging are the answer to demand we have observed on the market.

    Completely new sizes of lithium batteries - in addition to the popular models CR2016, CR2025, CR2032 we include CR1620, CR1632, CR2354, C2430 and CR2450.

    New everActive tests and charts

    everActive stands for innovative power products.

    When we introduce new chargers to our offer, which were not availalbe on the market before, we are sometimes facing statements that it is an unknown product, about which no one has ever written, where it is not certain how it actually works. There are questions about the implemented charging algorithms, similarity to other competition's chargers, etc.

    Massively offered cheap chargers from the Far East may have serious design flaws, and their true operation is often intentionally concealed. The consequences of using unsafe chargers can sometimes be very serious.

    We understand all the concerns of our potential customers. In everActive we take these concerns very seriously and honestly.

    We guarantee certain parameters or the way our devices work - thousands of users of everActive batteries, rechargeables, chargers and flashlights have already found out about this no-compromise approach to introducing new products - now we are actively making additional efforts to convince you, our dear reader, to our brand as well.

    New everActive UC-100 charger

    everActive UC-100 is a new addition in our product family.


    The new charger continues our vision of bringing advanced, exceptional battery chargers to the market.


    The UC-100 has excellent compatibility with many types of batteries - including the popular 1.2V Ni-MH, 3.6/3.7V Li-ion as well as the rare 3.8/3.85V Li-ion and 3.2/3.3V LiFePO4 cells.


    The Power Bank function turns any lithium cell into a mobile power source for charging portable devices.



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