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Let's talk about everActive technically - graphs, charts and tests in our datasheets

everActive stands for innovative power products.

When we introduce new chargers to our offer, which were not availalbe on the market before, we are sometimes facing statements that it is an unknown product, about which no one has ever written, where it is not certain how it actually works. There are questions about the implemented charging algorithms, similarity to other competition's chargers, etc.

Massively offered cheap chargers from the Far East may have serious design flaws, and their true operation is often intentionally concealed. The consequences of using unsafe chargers can sometimes be very serious.

What can go wrong when charging Li-ion cells?

We understand all the concerns of our potential customers. In everActive we take these concerns very seriously and honestly.
We guarantee certain parameters or the way our devices work - thousands of users of everActive batteries, rechargeables, chargers and flashlights have already found out about this no-compromise approach to introducing new products - now we are actively making additional efforts to convince you, our dear reader, to our brand as well.

Our batteries and rechargeables are getting very high ranks in various tests and lists, and the product is regularly subjected to additional external tests and audits - such as the test of the accredited Swedish laboratory Intertek in 2018, which confirmed the very high capacity of our Ni-MH batteries.

With great satisfaction we observe also a very rapid increase in popularity of our most advanced chargers NC-1000, NC-3000, UC-4000. Among the users of our chargers is a large number of professionals who want to be absolutely sure that their batteries are treated as efficiently as possible.

For all of you, we now provide detailed datasheets with tests and charts of the most typical battery charging processes.The datasheets will now appear regularly for new and existing products.

Already now we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the first datasheets for the UC-100 and UC-4000 chargers, from which we will quickly learn about the capabilities of the equipment, but in a completely new way.

If you have any questions about our datasheets, or would like to see even more information, please contact us at testinglab@everactive.pl

Since this kind information is not available from other charger manufacturers, we will be happy to hear your opinions and suggestions.



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