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Expanding range of mobile accessories from everActive

new mobile accessories
everActive USB cables

We present new, USB PD mains chargers equipped with advanced GaN technology, as well as state-of-the-art CC-10 and CC-20Q car chargers. In addition to the chargers, we also present a range of new USB cables.

everActive CC-10 and CC-20Q are modern car chargers characterized by high build quality and performance. Both support QC3.0 fast charging, and thanks to their small size and modern design, they are sure to suit the most demanding users.

The new SC-390Q, SC-390QB, SC-650Q mains chargers are our most advanced products, using GaN technology.

What is GAN charger?

GaN technology is a completely new quality in high-performance chargers. Gallium nitride is an innovative new semiconductor material that replaces traditionally used silicon. Replacing silicon with gallium nitride allows the charger to conduct a higher voltage and transfer more power, so less energy is lost to heat. As a result of this improvement, a charger that is based on GaN technology can be significantly smaller in size and weight, and charging process itself is faster, safer and more efficient.

The chargers SC-390Q and SC-390QB with a maximum output power of 30W, have one USB QC3.0 output (max. 18W) and one USB-C PD, PPS output (max. 30W). Thanks to GaN technology, they are 30% smaller than standard mains chargers of the same power. Support for fast charging protocols like Power Delivery PD with PPS and QC3.0 makes them usable in almost any situation.

The charger SC-650Q certainly can be called "small, but crazy!" Despite its inconspicuous size, it boasts powerful and impressive performance and a maximum power of 65W. It has one USB QC3.0 output (max. 60W) and two USB-C PD, PPS outputs (max. 65W). The advanced SW3516 IC supports the most popular fast charging technologies: PPS, PD 3.0, PD 2.0, QC4+, QC4, QC3.0, QC2.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei SCP, FCP, SFCP, MTK PE+2.0, PE1.1, BC1.2 DCP, Apple 2.4A.

Also new in everActive offer is the SC-370Q charger, as a more powerful successor to the popular SC-350Q. The charger features increased power output up to 25W, have one USB QC3.0 output (max. 18W) and one USB-C PD, PPS output (max. 25W).

EverActive is completing the range with new, interestingly designed USB cables in nylon braid with exceptional flexibility.

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