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everActive NC-3000

everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
everActive NC-3000
  • The most advanced 4 channel, microprocessor controlled charger for Ni-MH batteries from everActive;
  • 5 operating modes with an advanced capacity test and a unique internal resistance test;
  • Capable of checking the capacity and internal resistance even of alkaline batteries;
  • Detection and charging of extremely discharged batteries (even 0,01V);
  • Wide range of charging and discharging currents;
  • Unique possibility of testing and charging C and D sized batteries (adapter sold separately);
  • Six thermal sensors protecting the batteries and charger from overheating;
  • Big, clear, backlit LCD display.
EAN: 5902020523598
Item number: NC3000
supported batteries
1-4pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA,
1-2pcs. C R14 / D R20*
*Requires optional adapter,
Ni-MH / Ni-CD
of any capacity
charging current
adjustable: 200-400-600-800-1000 mA,
1200-1400 mA for 1-2 pcs. cell
discharging current
adjustable: 100-200-300-400-500 mA,
600-700 mA for 1-2 pcs. cell
safety microprocessor controlled,
-dV charge termination,
battery overheat protection (4 sensors),
charger overheat protection (2 sensors),
short circuit protection
alkaline, damaged and non-rechargeable battery detection
operating modes
capacity test (displayed in mAh),
quick test (internal resistance displayed in mOhm)
LCD display
shows the operating parameters of each cell: charging time,
operating mode,
charge/discharge current,
capacity displayed in mAh,
voltage or internal resistance (displayed in mOhm)
buttons 4 function keys
power supply
12V DC/1000mA, AC 100-240V adapter included
dimensions 147 x 100 x 40 mm
warranty 2 years
other very well made, with high quality materials
Estimated charing time (using the highest charging current)
1-2pcs. R03 800mAh - 40min.
3-4pcs. R03 800mAh - 60min.
1-2pcs. R03 1000mAh - 50min.
3-4pcs. R03 1000mAh - 70min.
1-2pcs. R6 2000mAh - 100min.
3-4pcs. R6 2000mAh - 140min.
1-2pcs. R6 2500mAh - 120min.
3-4pcs. R6 2500mAh - 180min.
1-2pcs. R14 3000mAh - 150min.
1-2pcs. R20 5000mAh - 250min.
Direct importer and distributor, brand's owner of everActive products Baltrade Established in 1990
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