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everActive NC-800U

everActive NC-800U
everActive NC-800U
everActive NC-800U
everActive NC-800U
everActive NC-800U

ATTENTION – discontinued model.

  • Professional 8 channel universal charger. Microprocessor controlled – charging time of six 2500 mAh batteries: 3h;
  • Charges up to 6 pieces of AA/AAA or up to 4 pieces of C/D and up to 2 pieces of 9V batteries. In total the charger will charge up to 8 batteries;
  • Independent channels allow the user to precisely charge even one battery at a time;
  • A big, clear LCD display showing the approximate state of battery in procentages (all slots);
  • Up to 4 stages automatic charging process with a maintenance feature.
Item number: NC800U
Input voltage
100-240V AC 50/60Hz 30W
Pre-charge current
AA/C/D - 6x 500mA
AAA - 6x 250mA
6F22 - 2x 30mA
Charge current
AA/C/D - 6x 1000mA
AAA - 6x 500mA
6F22 - 2x 60mA
Discharge current
AA/C/D - 6x 600mA
AAA - 6x 500mA
6F22 - 2x 60mA
Trickle charge current
AA/C/D - 6x 55mA
AAA - 6x 25mA
6F22 - 2x 4mA
USB port
5V DC, max 500mA
Dimensions 210 x 175 x 48mm (width. /height. /depth.)
Operating mode indication
big, clear LCD display with procentage indication of the charge, and 8 multicolored LED emitters.
Additional information
automatic diagnostics, discharge/refreshes batteries, procentage indication of the charge status.
Maximum charging time
R03 AAA 600mAh - 1.5h
R03 AAA 800mAh - 2h
R03 AAA 1000mAh - 2.5h
R6 AA 1500mAh - 2h
R6 AA 2000mAh - 2.5h
R6 AA 2500mAh - 3h 15min
R6 AA 2700mAh - 3.5h
R14 C 3000mAh - 4h
R14 C 4500mAh - 5h 50min
R20 D 3000mAh - 4h
R20 D 6000mAh - 7h 45min
R20 D 10000mAh - 13h
9V 6F22 150mAh - 3h
9V 6F22 200mAh - 4h
9V 6F22 250mAh - 5h
Direct importer and distributor, brand's owner of everActive products Baltrade Established in 1990
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