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3 independent tests of alkaline batteries everActive found on the Internet

everactive alkaline in test

Our alkaline batteries have been available on the market for several years now.
The declaration of high quality of everActive Pro Alkaline battery is being verified on a regular basis - are they really that good?

Over the past few months there have been three interesting, independent performance tests involving everActive alkaline batteries.

16.04.2018 - Onet.pl in association with Polish Quality Testing Institute
19.11.2017 - antymarket.pl

21.11.2017 - techtest.org

Each test was based on a slightly different test procedure and was carried out using different test equipment.

The main objective of each test was to measure  the discharge capacity of a given alkaline battery. The batteries were evaluated under different loads to simulate various possible applications. 

EverActive Pro Alkaline batteries were at the forefront both in terms of performance and profitability in almost every listing, surpassing the largest and best-known battery brands on the market. 

Although the tests were performed at different time, they showed consistent results. That proves the excellent quality and repeatability of everActive Pro Alkaline battery.

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